Friday, March 27, 2009

Xanadu Deserved an Oscar!

Alright... once again I exaggerate, but I have to say that I have a new-found respect for those roller skating, dancing freaks. I'd better - because I'm one of them now.

Last night we went to Leaping Lizards where Robin taught the dance for The Monster Mash. Dance doesn't intimidate me. Sometimes I have a difficult time remembering the order of steps due to A.D.D. but I have developed some coping mechanisms that help a little with that. And although I am not a trained dancer, per se', I have taken a jazz class here and there and one beginners tap class. So when it comes time for dancing, I don't freak out... until now.

If you haven't read yet; I'M ON ROLLER SKATES! Not only am I step-ball-changing and Fossi-Fossi-Fossi-ing but now I am rolling too. The funniest thing is, I'm pretty good on them. I surprised myself a little. Don't ask how I am making 360 turns, but I am (let's just say that toe stops are my best friend at this point). I am pretty confident that, by opening night, I'm gonna be able to do a double pirouette in these bad boys (thank goodness I don't have to though). So there I was last night; pretty confident, that with a few changes due to the skates, I would be rocking the Monster Mash and then I remembered... MY COSTUME!  It's huge and bulky and sooo not conducive to dancing. So this weekend I am going to be on the lookout for a cardboard box that is approximately the size of my costume's upper body so I can practice with it and get used to being the size of Rosanne Barr after a 6-month eating spree at the chinese buffet!

Finally, bravo to Robin Berger. I always enjoy her choreography and I can't wait to perform it opening night!!!  Get your tickets Folks.
You may now commence surfing for porn
Scott (A.K.A. Ariel)

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