Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Getting Nervous

So Betsy came to rehearsal last night and she brought the rest of Ariel's costume. Let me just say... I LOVE IT! It is going to be so much fun and so dangerous!

Let me explain... As I mentioned before, I will be on roller skates for this show and the costume (as awesome as it is) limits my view of the floor. I guess this wouldn't be a problem for someone who is mildly confident in their ability to skate around without falling and breaking their ass. So now I have another impediment in my quest to look like the Brian Boitano of roller skating. But I am up for it. If it comes down to the choice of wearing this costume and walking away from this show with a few less teeth and not wearing the costume... I choose the former. Besides... I live in the St. Louis Metro area. I'll fit right in with the meth addicts and their lack of a full set of choppers.


You may now commence surfing for porn
Scott (A.K.A. Ariel)

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