Monday, April 20, 2009

Coming down to the wire

We are entering our last week of "regular" rehearsals. It's been going pretty well. Lines are still a little rough and skating is still a little sketchy, but all in all I think this is going to be a blast.

I am going to start wearing the top half of my costume tonight so I can get used to spacing. The shoulders on my costume are pretty wide and Zach's (Dr. Prospero) ego is so large, I'm afraid I won't be able to skate far enough to get around it. I did get a little surprise last week. The floor has speed bumps now (the wires for all the lights) so if you want to start placing bets on when the robot goes down during the show, let my Mom know... she'll want a piece of that action.

Lastly... Saturday, we (the cast) and Scott (the Miller)  were invited to sing at a party hosted by Chuck Miller (no relation). It was a blast (off). There were some really interesting people there (of course I'm not talking about anyone from the cast) and we sounded wonderful singing Good Vibrations together. I gave Tara some nutrition advice, Phil gave me some advice on how to lose weight (ask to see his college IDs) and in general had a great time. It was good bonding time for all of us.

Lastly-lastly... Chris starts playing for us tonight and that means we are close to the band coming. I can't wait to hear the awesome surf music with a band.

You may now commence surfing for porn
Scott (A.K.A. Ariel)