Monday, February 23, 2009

This ain't junior high anymore...

Let me start by explaining the title of the blog; my character in RTTFP is Ariel. He is Dr. Prospero's robot and he is on wheels... that's right folks. I will be roller skating.

When I was offered the part, I wasn't worried. I was a pretty damned good skater in my day. In '86 I was speeding around the rink, doing the hokie pokie and winning the limbo... all to the such great hits as "I love rock 'n roll", "Mr. Roboto" and of course "Freedom" by Wham (whodda thunk George was gay... go figure.)

So I bought some skates... not the cheapest, not the most expensive. And my friend Deana offered to give me a brush up lesson or two (she's a roller girl). We meet at this skatetacular rink in South County and I lace up my skates. I confidently stand up and... OH MY GOD. I can't stand without wobbling. "WHAT THE HELL?"

Needless to say, I started out the day thinking I would learn some new tricks for the show and I ended just happy I didn't fall.

For those who have seen me in Newline shows... I kinda have a niche. I tend to get interesting parts that require me to learn a new skill: In Spiderwoman I had to learn to act like a woman, in Grease I had to play guitar, Urinetown... two characters in one show and in Assassins I learned an Italian accent and to speak some Italian. So I am pretty confident I'll pull this one off. Just don't expect any triple lutz jumps or anything. I'll just be happy to skate without pushing off the wall.
You may now commence surfing for porn
Scott (A.K.A. Ariel)

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